Emotional Healing and Transformation & Come Alive and Thrive

Friday 20 july 2018 (from 10:00 to 17:30) – Emotional Healing and Transformation 


Saturday 21 july 2018 (from 10:00 to 17:30) – Come Alive and Thrive


Standalone days of training in Nonviolent Communication:

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) helps connect us with what is alive in ourselves and in others moment-to-moment, with what we or others could do to make life more wonderful, and with an awareness of what gets in the way of natural giving and receiving.

NVC language strengthens our ability to inspire compassion from others and respond compassionately to others and ourselves. NVC guides us to reframe how we express ourselves, how we hear others and resolve conflicts by focusing our consciousness on what we are observing, feeling, needing, and requesting.
Emotional Healing and Transformation

Exploring how to work with our own and others intense emotions using Nonviolent Communication (NVC).

Suffering at the hands of Anger, Shame, Guilt, Jealousy, Grief or Depression?

This experiential and interactive training offers skills, practical tools and insights from the teachings of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) to explore ways to work with these life – denying emotions.

We use individual and group processes, games, role plays, exercises, meditations and body/gesture based activities to explore the following:

* Working with our own and other people’s reactivity and intense emotions, in particular anger, guilt, shame, jealousy, and depression
* Taking responsibility for them as a way to empower ourselves
* Healing grief, trauma and deep pain through mourning
* Welcoming the deep needs that are connected to these feelings
* Responding to panic and embracing strategic discomfort
* Using our judgmental, blaming, critical thinking for our transformation
* The healing power of empathy, when listening to others and in self-connection
* The links between thoughts, emotions and our body
* Dissolving enemy images
Facilitated by DONAL GANNON, Certified trainer with the Centre for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC), with support and translation from LUIS CARVALHO.
Come Alive and Thrive
Using principles and practices of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) to support you in cultivating the life you wish to live; moving from a life of struggling to survive into one in which you come alive and thrive.

This experiential and interactive training offers individual and group processes, games, role plays, exercises and meditations to explore the following:
* Eliciting life purpose
* Self-inquiry through the wheel of life and reflection into action process
* Getting to the heart of the matter by deeply connecting to the living energy of our needs
* Cultivating self-care, -connection and -love
* Overcoming indecisiveness to bring internal clarity
* Developing an attitude of gratitude – expressing and receiving appreciation
* Making life wonderful by asking for what we want
* Finding inner freedom by embracing our choice in all we do
* Cultivating the quality of presence and acceptance to what is alive in each moment

Facilitated by DONAL GANNON, Certified trainer with the Centre for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC), with support and translation from LUIS CARVALHO.
FINANCIAL CONTRIBUTION is on a sliding scale:
€80 – €120 for one day
€140 – €210 for the two days

REGISTRATION or any other questions, please contact Luis at luis@mindfulness.pt or phone: 0969318480

If you register, we will write to you before the event(s) with reference materials, workbooks, details about venue, directions, timings and other practical information you’ll need.

Handouts and refreshments provided. Snacks to share at break times are appreciated.

For lunch, you can bring your own or visit one of the many local restaurants, cafes, or shops.

LANGUAGE: English with transaltion if required

Donal is a nomadic catalyst for personal, social and cultural transformation, dedicated to authentic relating, efficient collaboration, community co-creation and developing skills in leadership and self-responsibility. Since 2003, he has been using his extensive tool kit to support individuals and groups in all corners of the world through training, facilitation, coaching and mediation. He currently does this as a Certified Trainer with the Centre for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) and a member of the Cultural Catalyst Network (USA), Permalab (Portugal), HeartSpace Collective and Arise to Succeed (Ireland).
More about Donal and his work at www.donalgannon.com


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